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Senin, 11 Januari 2016

Weird Things Happen When You Stare Into Someone’s Eyes For 10 Minutes

Have you ever been hypnotized? It’s possible that you’ve looked into someone’s eyes before and felt that pull and thought you had been completely mesmerized. However, as an Italian researcher has found, you may not have been mesmerized at all but instead, you may have hallucinated. Giovanni Caputo is the man who made the discovery, a psychologist at the University of Urbino and his findings suggest that people may hallucinate a lot more than they realize. His study found that the simple act of staring into another person’s eyes for more than 10 minutes can cause a person to hallucinate.

Giovanni Caputo says that his theory was confirmed after conducting a study. In the study, researchers has 20 volunteers stay in a dimly lit room. The volunteers were then split off into groups of two and asked to stare into each other’s eyes non stop, without looking away for 10 minutes. The maintain the integrity of the study, the participants were not told of the purposes in conducting the study, instead literally kept in the dark, told only that it was a ‘meditative experience with the eyes open.’ There were told this as a measure to keep the results of the study as pure as they possibly could.

The paired off volunteers were sat three feet apart in the room which was dimly lit to dampen the participants color perception while also allowing them to still see their partner’s facial features. A control group of 20 volunteers were also asked to stare at a blank wall in similar lighting for the same amount of time, each filling out a questionnaire about the experience.

The volunteers asked to stare into each other’s eyes were asked about what they saw while staring while the control group was asked about feelings of detachment from their surroundings. Those in the eye staring group reported feeling different when the experiment was over, including a loss of connection with reality.

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